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This resource is a free, open data-sharing portal where anyone can access business information related to South Australia and other Australian regions. Whether you’re a sole trader or a business owner, this site provides information to help you promote your business.

We have launched this Business Directory to assist the public in finding Australian-owned and operated small businesses. Please use this resource we have created to list your business or find a local one to support your needs.



Why List My Business

Why list a business in the local online directory or catalogue?

Advertising your business on every possible local business directory is the best way to maximise its SEO and make it visible for many searches. Having a business listing with the same information on various local business listing websites will help search engines show your profiles more often. 


In other words, listing your business massively increases your local SEO score.


Boosting the online presence of your business

Creating a business profile for your company on many review sites, social media platforms, and accessible business listing sites is essential for a solid online presence.

Making your business known in Australia

Local business listings are vital to the success of your business. That will target an audience in a specific geographic location where you run a business. Without a solid presence in online directories, your business may fail to reach potential clients. Without creating a free business listing in online catalogues – which always include geographic filters – you may struggle to make your business name known to local clients.


Getting your info out there

Want potential customers to know when your business or store is open, how to get in touch, what range of services you provide, and how much other customers trust you? Free business listings allow you to share information such as your business hours, contact details and addresses. So, use the possibility to advertise on platforms where users can search for businesses based on specialty, location, and ratings.



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