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Reclaim PV Recycling

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Reclaim PV was born from an idea at a time when there was no notion of recycling solar panels in Australia and around the world there were only a handful of companies undertaking this task. So, we set out to learn how solar panels could be recycled and how viable it would be to start doing it.

What drove us then and what still drives us now is the unrelenting need that is presented to recycle solar panels, to keep them out of the landfill and to continually improve the environmental sustainability in the whole life cycle of solar power technology.

Reclaim PV offers a solution that meets the needs of industry, communities and government so that by working together we can make a real difference.

PV recycling is an absolute necessity for the PV industry’s responsible end of life practice now and into the future.

Reclaim PV handles the recycling and supply chain processes all within Australia through a viable, scalable and efficient system. The Reclaim PV system applies to manufacturers, end-users, large scale project developers, installers and government agencies in addressing their end of life PV problems.

The two key elements of a responsible recycling system are the collection of panels and the recycling process to recover materials.

Reclaim PV’s national network consists of pick up and drop off locations positioned throughout regional and metropolitan areas. These include waste stations, PV suppliers, worksites and other locations as needed.

The network allows manufacturers, installers, retailers, site developers and other key stakeholders to access an easy to use collection and/or drop off-network to significantly reduce the number of end-of-life solar panels going to landfill in all areas.



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