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Angus & Co. North Adelaide

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Established in 2015, Angus & Co. Bar & Grill is all about quality food with quality company. We don’t try to overcomplicate things, we want to provide our customers with a menu that has something for everyone! Craving a slow-cooked steak? We have you covered. Beer battered fish and chips? We have you covered there too. Pan-fried halloumi salad? Or maybe duck springs roll? Take your pick!

Where able, we only use Angus Pure grass-fed and grain-fed beef. Angus Pure cattle are raised in the lush grazing regions of Southern Australia and are antibiotic and hormone growth promotant free. Modern consumers are seeking more ethical, natural meat options, while still focusing on premium eating quality. Angus Pure beef promises an eating experience that is healthy, flavoursome and tender, with cuts graded for quality using Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading. To manage the end-to-end process, Angus Pure is also fully traceable from grower to consumer, utilising DNA technology.

Working with Australia’s Best Producers
Through our years of experience, we only buy from Australia’s best producers. Australian producers are renowned for using industry-leading farm management systems, ensuring stringent animal welfare protocols and strict food safety standards. We strongly value our relationships with local producers, sharing a common passion for high-quality food products.



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 Angus & Co. North Adelaide


   21-39 Melbourne Street
Adelaide SA 5006


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