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Chinatown Plaza

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Chinatown Plaza in Moonta Street is Adelaide’s most love pan Asian destination with Live Music, Events and Asian foods for the whole family.

Stepping through the doors of the newly renovated Chinatown Plaza you can instantly see glowing umbrellas, rainbow lanterns and caged chandeliers shine down on a funky communal space filled with a seemingly endless variety of hawker-style vendors. Against a backdrop of artistic graffiti the spotless tables and varnished wooden pagodas are filled with customers happily slurping down silky rice noodles and savouring the gluttony of finishing the last morsel of what once was a large plate of freshly steamed dumplings, doused with lashings of soy and chilli. This is a place to sit and savour your meal; where quick business lunches or friendly catch-ups can be hosted in modern Asian style.

The Plaza provides a variety of seating, from private tables nestled in the lamplight towards the back of the room, eight seater pagodas which feel like gastronomic cubby houses and long communal tables where you can watch the gentle hubbub of the room between succulent bites of fragrant steamed chicken and fluffy rice.

The Plaza is incredibly friendly to the wallet, with practically every vendor $10 – $15 dollars will easily get you enough food for even the most voracious of appetites. No craving is left unsatisfied.

If you fancy a beverage of the alcoholic variety to go with your meal the Plaza has a wide range of beers and quality local wines, such as Adelaide Hills icon Tomich Wines.

Chinatown Plaza also offers a change from your typical weekend brunch. You can trade your avocado toast for Yum Cha, served on Sundays from 11am – 3pm. Bamboo steamers filled with delicious bite sized delicacies start at just $4 each.



Area of operation:
17 Moonta Street Adelaide South Australia 5000

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 Chinatown Plaza


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