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Cumbia Bar Kitchen

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Cumbia is a dance-oriented music genre popular throughout Latin America. It began as a courtship dance practised among the African population on the Caribbean coasts of Colombia. It later mixed with Amerindian and European instruments, steps and musical characteristics and spread throughout Latin America and abroad. While other genres of Latin American music have remained associated with specific countries or regions, cumbia has grown to be one of the most widespread and unifying musical genres to emerge from Latin America.

This name encapsulates our concept of creating a Latin American tapas bar and deli that brings together and shares with the Adelaide community a fusion of South American cuisine, music and folklore. We aim to offer a global gastronomic experience, a fusion of traditional Latin flavours with a contemporary Australian edge.

Chefs in contemporary restaurants are now showcasing traditional products such as alpaca meat, grains like quinoa and kiwicha, and unusual root vegetables such as yuca and maca in sophisticated new ways. Many of these simple traditional foods have now been discovered as superfoods. With the rising popularity of South American superfoods, it is prime timing to launch a business such as Cumbia. The prominent Adelaide Central Market allows us to bring an exciting new offering to a large and diverse audience.

We look to bring a unique selection of Latin American tastes and cooking traditions to the multicultural blend that already exists within the Central Market. In the process, we seek to engage both the internal market and Grote Street entrances with the tenancy by creating a vibrant and inviting interior, rich with South American imagery and culture. We are proposing a licenced premise that not only offers tapas style meals but also stocks a range of deli product for purchase.



Area of operation:
43 Grote Street Adelaide South Australia 5000

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 Cumbia Bar Kitchen


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   43 Grote Street
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