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Exchange Specialty Coffee

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Exchange was established in 2013 with the goal to make specialty coffee accessible, approachable and easy to understand. We are committed to serving coffee that has been sourced sustainably and responsibly, and roasted with care. We choose to work only with roasters that champion quality and transparency; those that make a positive impact on the lives and communities of coffee producers around the world. We brew both espresso and filter coffee, and we stock a diverse range of retail coffee, home brewing gear and accessories.

Alongside coffee, our kitchen and food offering have undergone substantial growth and development. Initially our menu comprised simple, well made sandwiches and pastries, however, we quickly realised that our customer base wanted more. Three years after we opened we expanded into the adjoining tenancy - increasing our floor area by 50 percent - which allowed us to re-fit the store and install a full kitchen to cater to this growing side of the business. We now employ a team of chefs and offer an all-day brunch menu which changes seasonally.

We’re proud of the positive culture and values we’ve instilled in the venue and in our staff, which have allowed us to build genuine, longterm relationships with our team and customers. Having opened with just four employees, our team has since grown to almost 20 warm, personable and enthusiastic people. We will always work to ensure that the work environment at Exchange is inclusive and that our team are happy and supported.

The community that has grown around our store and supported us for many years is wholly unique and immensely special. We’re proud that our venue has seen people meet, forge relationships, raise children, start businesses, write books and so much more. For all this we feel very grateful.



Area of operation:
12-18 Vardon Ave Shops 1-3 Adelaide South Australia 5000

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