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The Online Director are a Google Adwords Agency and Premier Google Partner putting you in front of people where you need to be!

We Focus Our Efforts On Conversions

Think about Google like a newspaper. You can hope that someone will write an article about you and you’ll get in there for free, but the only way you can be guaranteed to appear when and how you want is if you pay for it.

Google is the same, but the big difference is how paying for advertising works.

In traditional media there tends to be a fixed price for all the different sorts of ads – in Google, however, it is a bidding war.

To really oversimplify it, all of the businesses that want to come up for a certain search term bid for it. This can be anywhere from 1c to $100, depending on your industry, and whoever bids the most sits in the highest position. They don’t pay anything to sit there, but once someone clicks on them Google takes their bid from their account.

These days it truly is much more complicated, with preference given to quality ads and relevant site content – but this gives you a rough idea of how it works.



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