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Want to experience Kicco coffee in your own home?
Try our exclusive range of signature blends through to our single origin coffees. We cater for all types of domestic machines and devices such as dripolators, stove-top machines and plungers. Our coffee is available in resealable 250g, 500g and 1kg bags.

Do you have an automatic or manual coffee machine at work?
At Kicco we can deliver your favourite blend right to your office or worksite. If you have a plunger, stove-top, dripolator or an automatic machine, we cater for them all! Set up an account with us and have a regular supply at your work today!
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It’s simple really – good things are made with the heart. Like a composer writing a symphony, or an artist creating a masterpiece. At Kicco, coffee is our art. And in a world where the good things are hard to find, we put the heart back into the daily grind.

Our coffee is so good because each part of the process gets our care and attention. From plantation, right through to the cup. For us it’s not about formulas, figures or focus groups – it’s about the experience. The experience of great coffee.

At Kicco, the process begins with the selection of superior beans from premium estates, but the real magic happens in the roast. Our beans are carefully handpicked and roasted locally in small batches. This special treatment is what makes Kicco coffee consistent, fresh and full of flavour.

Over the years Kicco have perfected the art of coffee with a selection of much-loved signature blends and specialty coffee. Allow us to share the espresso love affair with you.



Area of operation:
Unit 1, 54 Cottage Lane, Hackham SA 5163





   Unit 1, 54 Cottage Lane
Hackham SA 5163


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