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Gilba Solutions Pty Ltd

Category: Turf products

We have over 35 years of experience in the sports turf industry as agricultural product wholesalers, sports turf consultants and suppliers of professional turf products. We supply turf seed including perennial ryegrass, golf course fertiliser, turf chemicals, aquatic weed control products and products for hard open space management such as Numchuk Quad which gives a 12 month residual from one application.

Along with our consultancy division, we supply professional turf products, with the aim being to provide our clients with the best options and solutions to any issues that they may have. We don’t just supply what we have on our shelves. We take pride in our ability to source the right option if required. We are totally solutions driven with an emphasis on sourcing products that work!

In 2021 Bank West Stadium/Comm Bank Stadium became the first venue in Australasia to introduce Seegrow LED lighting rigs with the purchase of the LED 14 and LED 120 units. The LED 14 incorporates a patented CO2 canopy and gives up to 10mm of shoot/root growth in a 24 hour period. Both the LED 14 and LED 120



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