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Rural Northwest Health

Category: Health and Wellbeing

We are a Victorian public sector health service created under the Health Services Act and are responsible to the Minister for Health.

The key focus of our work at Rural Northwest Health is caring and supporting people to be healthy and live a full life. This is represented by our logo, which depicts a carer reaching out and embracing its community over the broad horizon. We provide care and programs with wide reaching community support and a warm and comforting approach.

Rural Northwest Health is committed to achieving the best health for the Wimmera Mallee community. We recognise our clients and residents’ total needs in order for them to achieve optimal health and wellbeing outcomes. We believe that our clients and residents are entitled to quality health care that respects their dignity, beliefs, and rights regardless of their cultural, spiritual, or socio-economic background.

Rural Northwest Health will provide accessible, efficient and excellent care to our community within the Wimmera Mallee Region.



Area of operation:
12 Mitchell Place, Hopetoun VIC 3396



 Rural Northwest Health    


  24 Hours Urgent Care, Hopetoun Reception 8:30- 5pm
   12 Mitchell Place, Hopetoun VIC 3396
Hopetoun VIC 3396


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Rural Northwest Health


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