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Mitcham Driving School

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At Mitcham Driving School Adelaide, you can learn not only to manage the stress of driving but also to enjoy your time behind the wheel. When you take lessons from our school in Adelaide, you’ll have more control and confidence in the driver’s seat so you don’t need to feel stressed.

We promise a safe, considerate environment to all our students—no matter their age or experience. We also carefully select our Male & Female Driving Instructor Adelaide so you always learn from level-headed, amiable professionals. Our staff will patiently instruct you, whatever stage of the process you’re in.

Our instructors are encouraged to be empathetic with their learners and understand how to improve their driving based on the individual’s needs, and employ different methods to help them learn. In manual driving lessons we do our best to make sure learners understand the mechanics of the vehicle, and how to use them effectively – such as appropriate gear changes and proper use of the clutch.

Is it time for you to learn to drive? Check out our prices. Then call our school on (08) 8271 8400 to book an appointment today.

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213 Greenhill Road, Eastwood, SA 5063, Australia



 Mitcham Driving School


  Mon to sat : 9am to 5pm Sat: 10am to 4pm
   213 Greenhill Road, Eastwood, SA 5063, Australia
SA 5063


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