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Designer K9 Breeders

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Looking to add a furry friend to your family? Our ethically bred Groodle puppies in Melbourne, Victoria, are fully vaccinated, flea-treated, and come from well-cared-for parent dogs to minimize hereditary risks. With our careful breeding process and thorough health screenings, you can trust that your new companion will be healthy and full of life.

Feeling overwhelmed by the decision? Don't worry—we're here to guide you. From researching the Groodle breed to finding a reputable breeder, spending time with the puppies, checking health records, and preparing your home, we've got you covered. Ready to start this exciting journey? Contact us today to learn more about our Groodle puppies for sale in Victoria and let us make the process smooth and enjoyable for you and your future furry friend!



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 Designer K9 Breeders


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